On Tour
Due to "popular" demand I have finally included this list format of The Tours - scroll down for the full list of tours.

When complete this will facilitate the calculation of numerous trivial and misleading statistics, just to whet the rampant appetite I have provided a few starters for ten - correct @ 13/05/20 - my attendance in brackets.

Years on Tour 33 (27)
Tours 32 (24)
Prologues 13 (12)
Total Tours 45 (36)
Melton Mowbray Pies 00 (00)

I am always working to some degree on the text, maps and photo galleries for the tours I have attended, what is available is linked to the list below.

Classic On Tour - Mrs Glitter hosts the Amoeba, Tolmin, Slovenia 2013
Mrs Glitter

When Where Who What... but never Why TT ER Ph
1987 Yorkshire PrH, MrM In the beginning... refer to the Brief History - NB. this doesn't count as a tour. Due to strict but infinitely fluid Amoebic rules, a tour is only considered quorate with three or more partaking.
Bedford - Malverns PrH, MrM Same rules
1988 Carlisle - Isle of Arran PrH, MrM, MrF
1989 Co. Cork
1990 Galicia a little dip into Northern Portugal, two week tour!
1991 Hungary
1992 Northumberland N'castle to Berwick
1993 Lyon to Marseille
1994 Santa Maria di Castellabate PrH, MsH, MrL, MsL, MsG, MrG, Bob, DrH, DrJ My first "tour", in fact a base holiday - Campania, Italy.
1995 Wicklow Mountains
1996 Belgium Wallonia and the Ardennes ft. a spin around Luxembourg City
1997 Halkidiki
1998 Douro
1999 Ring of Kerry
2000 Mallorca
2001 Bulgaria Released as "Carry On up the Shipka" in the UK.
2002 Perthshire Pedal DrH, MrH, Bob The first Prologue
2003 Cheshire Prologue, bobspace embraces the new era of digital photography.
2004 North Lancs Prologue
Latvia Including the Latvian Alps.
2005 Yorkshire Dales Prologue
Marché Couldn't be bothered to visit Assisi.
2006 North Shropshire Prologue
2007 Alsace The german bit of France or vice-versa.
2008 Bulgaria Rila and Rhodhope mountains.
2009 Pyrenees
2010 5 Counties Prologue, spectacularly, rebooted.
Napoli - Bari
2011 Slyne Settle Circle Prologue
2012 Chilterns Prologue
2013 North East Wales Prologue
Slovenia Including lunches in Austria and Italy
2014 Pork Pie Prologue
Bavaria by the Danube Donau Radweg
2015 Mellow Yellow Prologue
Crna Gora Montenegro
2016 Croydon to Brighton Prologue
2017 Banbury - Leamington Spa Prologue
2018 Baloton
2019 Crete (East)
2020 Corfu A minor casualty of the Pandemic of 20/21.
2020 Surrey Hills Keeping the flame alive - a minor fix of a tour, to tide us over until 2021?
2022 Qatar