Much Ado About Nothing
With the new technology platform (bsv2) in place and hopefully providing a more future proof upgrade path, this page covers all changes to bobspace from Nov 2018 onwards, whether they be new content new features or just edits and fixes.

As time goes by I shall send all new updates by email, facebook or whatever to members of the site but this, for now, is it.

Also note, that as of May 2020 is no longer online.
Date Type Change Version
10/04/2021 New Addition of Napoli - Bari '10 map. 1.12
31/03/2021 New Addition of Ulster '11 map. 1.11
09/03/2021 New Logout Timeout & Continue dialogue added 1.1
22/01/2021 New Addition of Andalucia '12 map. 1.03
20/01/2021 New Addition of Bavaria '14 map. 1.02
02/10/2020 New Addition of Surrey Hills '20 Photos. 1.01
31/08/2020 New First full release completed including multiple fixes, Sitemap and External Links. 1.0
30/06/2020 New Mallorca '00 and Bulgaria '01 photos added to On Tour, along with Pyrenees '09 map. 0.93
11/06/2020 New Map and photos now available in On Tour for Slovenia '13 0.92
13/05/2020 New Addition of large amount of new content for the On Tour section, 15 tours' worth of photos and in some cases more. goes offline after 12 years of service. 0.91
19/02/2020 New Beta release of 80% functionality for v1.0 - Includes all access control functionality, plus Friendspace, Into and On Tour sections. 0.9
01/12/2018 New bobspace returns as - the nation rejoices - "So bobspace came back after long months from the jaws of death, out of the mouth of hell, while all the world wondered" 0.1